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Nappy Care & Warranty

While Luna Lume’s - Pocket Rockets and Reusable Cloth Nappies are known to promote a environmentally approach to nappy use, by reducing the number of nappies going to landfill. It is important to use environmentally friendly detergents which are ethically sourced and are known to be safe to be drained into our waterways.

CAUTION: Our PUL Waterproof fabrics should be treated with special care to ensure that the fabric remains firm and waterproof. Use Low temperatures, low Spin speeds and avoid the use of bleach or strong chemicals when cleaning/drying the pocket rocket.
*We recommend a Maximum of 60*C and 800RPM



The Bamboo Cotton lining should be washed before use this will ensure:

  • Softening of the Bamboo Cotton
  • Increase the absorbency of the Bamboo Cotton. The Pocket Rockets and inserts will become more absorbent after a few wash cycles. This is due to the bamboo fibres becoming fuller and settling into their material structure during the first few wash cycles.


  1. When changing - if there is an option to immediately dispose of solids this is recommended. If not, a tightened snap configuration can be used to contain solids in the  Pocket Rocket until later in the day.
  2. At home - Seperate all snaps and remove any inserts from the pocket. Dispose of any solids and lightly rinse shells and inserts for used pocket rockets each evening. Store rinsed Pocket Rockets and inserts in a dry area. A 50L plastic bin with a lid is recommended to contain smell. The pocket rockets should be cleaned within 3 days of being soiled.


  1. Pre-Rinse - Either use a pre-rinse or a cycle which includes a pre-rinse to completely drain the first cycle of water from the washing machine before the main wash.
  2. Main-Wash - Wash nappies using a detergent that you are comfortable using on your Childs clothing being conscious of potential skin sensitivity and environment affects. Use a full/heavy cycle with a cool/warm temperature (Not hot).
  3. Dry - Air Drying is the recommended method, but is not always practical given different climates and time availability. When required, a low temperature tumble dryer cycle should be used


The inserts are more resilient than the waterproof shells, and can be treated as you would any of your baby’s cotton fabrics.
Other PUL Waterproof fabrics such as Wet-bags, Bibs and Pail Liners should be treated with the same care as the Pocket Rockets to preserve the waterproof layer.
*We recommend a Maximum of 60*C and 800RPM



Unused Diapers: We provide a 14 day money back guarantee. Unused diapers can be returned within 14 days for any reason. The buyer pays the shipping and we will refund the difference on receiving the returns.

Product & Workmanship Guarantee: We provide a 60 day product guarantee. Any issues with the product reported within 60 days will be replaced at no cost to the buyer.

Issues include: Broken parts, stitching or elastic quality issues fabric defects

NOTE: We will not offer replacement Pocket Rockets for issues relating to poor care or incorrect cleaning procedures.

  • Pocket Rockets should be cleaned within 3 days of being soiled
  • A maximum of 60*C and 800RPM should be used during the cleaning of the Pocket Rockets

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We want for our customers at Luna Lume to be happy with our products and our brand. Any issues or feedback beyond 60 days will be treated case by case and we encourage you to reach out if you experience any product issues