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About Us

Luna Lume was established in 2017 and is a small family owned and operated business, based in Melbourne, Australia.
We pride ourselves on creating Eco friendly, functional, cost effective, comfortable and 'tooshie fancy’ cloth nappies.

What inspired us to create Luna Lume?
After working as an Early Childhood Educator for over 10 years, I had seen my fair share of nappy options. With such a small number of quality options I decided to combine my love of working with Children with my passion for the environment, I felt there was a real need for something better.

This is when I decided to create a cloth nappy that was even more comfortable, functional, stylish and practical, all while being environmentally conscious by reducing landfill and utilising renewable sources of material. Bamboo is a fantastic biodegradable fabric that provides great absorption properties and comfort.

Our products are designed in Australia and ethically and mindfully manufactured by another family owned business, we believe in supporting 'fair-trade means' businesses in the textile industry. 

 Luna Lume is a passion project and all of our products are made with love. Not just for little ones ‘tooshies’, but also for the benefit of our amazing planet.

While we are passionate about the environment, we are also passionate about children and are committed to donating 10% of all profit to charities  focused on looking after the welfare of children.
 We hope to be able to report donations soon.


To the moon and back.


Luna Lume