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Luna Lume’s Wet Bags are a fantastic and practical  addition to your everyday nappy needs.
Our wet bags are great to use for storing dry, wet and dirty nappies when heading out on your daily errands.
Luna Lume Wet bags are multi-use bags, think of them as a Mary Poppin’s Bag.
The possibilities are endless, gym, beach or travel bags or for storing toys, clothing and cosmetics.
  • PUL (polyurethane laminate)  fully waterproof outer, keeps everything under control
  • Snap handle, easy to attach onto prams, handbags etc
  • 2 Compartments with zip closures e.g., 1st compartment stores cloth wipes, 2nd stores nappies
  • Folds down and can roll up small, fits perfectly in your bag
  • Fit  5-9+ nappies inside the large compartment