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Pocket Rockets

Highly configurable fastening snaps

  • The many external snaps allow for multiple size configurations
  • Allows for additional absorbency layers to be added
  • Allows for the Pocket Rocket to grow with your child

The Premium Pocket & Internal Snaps for Configurable Absorbency

  • The internal pocket is designed to be stuffed with additional absorbency layers
  • Further more, the Internal Snaps allow for standard or trifold inserts to be attached
  • Combing the Pocket & Internal Snaps, it is possible to configure 12+ additional layers of absorbency
  • Useful for heavy wetters

High Quality elastic

  • Quality elastic ensures a snug fit to increase comfort and minimise potential leakage

Premium Double Gusset

  • The Double gussets ensure the best chance of preventing any leakage
  • Each gusset is finished in soft Bamboo Cotton to prevent irritation

Premium Bamboo Cotton

  • Bamboo is a biodegradable fabric made from the renewable, evergreen perennial flowering plant, Bambusoideae.
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, soft and non-irritating to sensitive skin
  • Our Bamboo Cotton fibres feel amazing against the skin and perfect for a soft tooshie
  • Our 360gsm Bamboo Cotton provides the perfect balance between ventilation and high moisture absorption
  • Easy to clean and highly robust